Backwood Livery
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  • Backwood in the snow
  • Ruth's yard
  • Outside menage
  • Dressage arena
  • Backwood view of Wales
  • View from Backwood of Wales
  • Backwood view of Wales with horses
  • The lane into the farm
  • Tractor and haylage
  • Tractors and haylage
  • Haylage at the farm
  • Wolf in the snow
  • Sue B and Barney

At Backwood Livery we offer the highest quality Full Livery Service in stunning surroundings.

Not only is the situation stunning and the facilities top notch, the Full Livery Service we offer will provide all that you need to enjoy your horse to the full. If you are a horse owner who wants to take the stress out of horse ownership - this is the place for you.

We care for your horse as if it where our own - and you get to do exactly what you want with your horse, when it suits you.

With so much experience at the yard we will also help you if you get into difficulties with your horse so you need never struggle on alone.

Backwood Livery is extremely friendly with lots of likeminded horse folk available 'on tap'. There is always someone around to ride with, ask advice from or share lessons with. We also go out on a regular basis on social occasions (given any excuse!).

We also have top class regular trainers, clinics and competitions on site for those of you who would like a little push.

We not only do everything to fulfil your horse's needs with:

  • horse iconLovely stables
  • horse iconExcellent turnout
  • horse iconHome grown high quality haylage
  • horse iconDaily horse care - feeding, mucking out, turning out and bringing in, grooming
  • horse iconAdditional services - exercising / schooling, clipping, mane pulling
  • horse iconWe can also offer advice and support for what you want to achieve for you and your horse, whatever your level and ambition.

There are four different yards at Backwood Livery each with there own manager: John Gilbert, Kirsty, Ruth Davies and Sue Bradshaw.

The managers all offer different services as you can see below:

  • John Gilbert:
    • Horse IconFull livery
    • Horse IconPart Livery

  • Kirsty:
    • Horse IconFull livery

  • Ruth Davies:
    • Horse IconFull livery
    • Horse IconPart Livery

  • Sue Bradshaw:
    • Horse IconFull livery
    • Horse IconPart Livery
    • Horse IconFor more information about services Sue Bradshaw offers use this link.